Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Unfair Dismissal Claims Additional Information

Unfair Dismissal Claims – Additional Information


Due to the volume of calls etc regarding the forms that were recently sent out requesting information on financial losses, please note that we are now asking members to complete only the following information on the forms.  Once this has been provided we will do all the calculations on your behalf and forward this to Thompsons solicitors. 


The Deadline has been extended to Monday 17th December 2012.


Please provide the following information:-


Name & Address


Date of Birth


Date Commenced Employment


Date commenced employment means length of service you can use to calculate a redundancy payment e.g. If you worked for another Authority immediately prior to working for DMBC (without a break) this can be included in this date. Your contract of employment will have this date on.


Dismissal Date


This is the date the council gave you in your termination letter.


Age at date of dismissal


Length of Notice Period entitled to in weeks


This is the number of week’s notice you were given in your termination letter from the Council.


Gross Weekly Wage


Please provide a copy of your March & April Payslip and we will calculate other aspects.


Overtime and Mileage


Please provide details of any overtime or mileage that you claimed between 1st May 2012 and the end of your notice period.




** Please return the requested information by the deadline**