Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Government Lie????

This week we attended the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for Adults and Communities, to discuss the Governments proposals to set up new boards for the NHS, and the monitoring by Local Councillors.

Our primary concern is one of the provisions up for consultation. It states that the NHS will be tasked with delivering service improvements against a backdrop of needing to make efficiencies (political speak for cutting the budget), whilst considering the financial and clinical sustainability of the proposals within existing resources (i.e. maintaining the current budgets).

Now we can comprehend cutting budgets, even if we disagree with it, and we can comprehend maximising services within the same budget. The question is;  how is the NHS meant to increase patient services at the current budget level whilst at the same time cutting those very same budgets?

Weren’t we told that NHS budgets would increase in real terms??

To err is human, but to really mess it up takes the ConDem Coalition.